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What is Thalamus?

Thalamus is the ultimate patient education solution.

With Chairside Education, Waiting Room TV, Operatory Room TV, and Website Videos, Thalamus provides you with the tools you need to increase case acceptance and practice revenue.

The Thalamus patient journey

Thalamus patient journey Thalamus patient journey

No matter where you are in the dental patient education journey, Thalamus provides high quality tools,
content, and services to ensure that your patients are always well informed, entertained and relaxed.

Why Thalamus?

Thalamus helps ensure that your practice is on the cutting edge of dental technology, allowing you to interact and inform your patients like never before.

83% of patients indicated that visual aids influenced moving with a treatment plan.

65% of people are visual learners.


To your practice

Benefit your practice
  • Helps grow revenue and enhance practice reputation
  • Help explain complex procedures to patients
  • Easy to access interface and customization options
  • Informed consent
  • Help breaks down language barriers

To your patients

Benefit your patients
  • Help understand complex procedures and ideas
  • Multiple ways to view content
  • Helps relieve anxiety during procedures
  • watch dental videos at home or on mobile

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