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Spread the word and get paid for it.

$30 a month on each customer referral.
Lifetime revenue share.

Are you a dental website marketing company?

You can have 50 free dental patient education videos for all of your customers!

(No catch!)

How It Works

Promote Thalamus

Promote Thalamus

Track your customers and
use our affiliate marketing
resources to help.

Get Paid

Get Paid

Earn money when your
referrals sign up, and for the
lifetime of your customer.

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Frequently Asked Questions Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the benefit of being a Thalamus Affiliate Partner?

The Thalamus Affiliate program is a win-win for all parties involved! Not only do you help spread the word about Thalamus, but you receive compensation for every customer, every month.

Our online service is easy to use, and lets you keep track of your customers, commission payments, and more!

What exactly is the Thalamus Affiliate Partner Program?

The Thalamus Affiliate Partner Program is our way of giving back to partners who spread the word about the benefits of Thalamus and provides for an additional revenue stream for the partner.

Once registered for an affiliate account, you’ll be able to provide referral links to potential Thalamus customers as well as your own specific promo code to give referrals to use when they sign up for Thalamus. For every successful referral, you will receive $30/month from the $299/month subscription that the referral pays.

If you’re a dental marketing company, the Thalamus Affiliate Partner Program can also provide your customers with the Thalamus video player on their websites, giving them access to 50 dental education videos for free. You can also purchase Thalamus software licences to give to their practices or clients.

Affiliates will be able to take advantage of our tracking and data tools via the affiliate login page to manage all of their customers, approved domains, payment information, and more.

Who can sign up as an Affiliate Partner?

Anybody can sign up as an Affiliate Partner and start to generate leads and subscriptions for Thalamus as well as revenue for themselves.

Typical affiliate partners include:

  • Individuals with dental practice connections
  • Dental coaches
  • Distributor representatives
  • Dental marketing companies
  • Independent sales people
  • Dental IT companies

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