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Dental Waiting Room TV

Educate, entertain, and engage with your practice’s personalized TV channel

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A custom TV channel for your waiting room

A hub for engaging with your patients. Featuring hundreds of educational and entertaining content at your fingertips, the ability to upload your own content, and limitless customization options, your waiting room channels are unique to your practice!

Market your practice services

Create and edit custom content for marketing purposes. Upload your own slides
and content, serving as the perfect place to advertise your practices specialties!!

Entertain patients with unique content while they wait

Customize your channel to show trivia, educational videos, social media feeds, news, weather, and much more.

Break awkward waiting room silence with trivia that is both fun and informative!

Educate your patients with a variety of dental videos from our growing Thalamus library!

Make sure your patients are never bored with videos that are both fun and informative!

Show current news feeds from a
variety of local and national sources.

Display your dental practice social media pages front and center. Show content from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

With an accurate 7 day forecast on display, your patients can chat about current and upcoming weather.

Dental waiting room TV | Custom TV channel

Channel creation

Alongside pre-made Thalamus channels, our channel creator gives you the tools to create something unique to your practice.

Edit the name of your practice displayed on the top overlay.

Welcome your patients with a short message. Change to reflect current events, holidays and more!

Choose from several premade themes and options to reflect your practice’s branding.

Edit the order that video content plays in by dragging them into the video timeline.

Customize the top

Schedule content for when you need it

Our channel scheduler lets you prepare for your practice’s needs.

Schedule automatic channel changes at specific times to ensure that content is always relative to the patients arriving. Patients about to undergo specific treatments can ensure that they are properly informed about the treatment while they wait.

Spread cheer with channel designs that celebrate holidays and seasons as they come.

Schedule content

Always something to watch

With over hundreds of hours of content there's always something on TV. Choose from our large collection of videos, ranging from dental education videos, to travel, to food, wildlife and much more.

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